Neil Sutcliffe

Neil Sutcliffe is a young musician and singer from Stirling in central Scotland. He has a wide background in several styles, including jazz, classical and traditional Scottish music and is currently studying a classical music degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Music in Glasgow. His principle instrument is accordion, which he first picked up from his dad, but he began his musical career on the piano playing everything from Blues and Boogie-woogie to Chopin and Scriabin. But above all he is passionate about traditional music, with a repertoire incorporating Scottish, English, Irish, Welsh, Norwegian and French melodies.

From his mother Jo Miller, the wonderful singer and important figure in Scotland’s music scene, he developed a joy for singing traditional songs and ballads. He has been working over the last few years to expand this repertoire of songs in Scots, English and Scottish Gàidhlig. It was initially through this that he became interested in storytelling, through his love for the stories behind the ballads and songs.

Neil has a great interest in particular in working on cross-disciplinary shows: music and theatre and dance all coming together. Meeting Svend-Erik Engh by chance in 2017 at the Taproots Music and Literary Festival on the Isle of Liosmòr, the two began their wonderful relationship combining Neil’s music with Svend-Erik’s storytelling. In Walk the Oars, Neil plays music, sings and has become involved in the storytelling himself.

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