Svend-Erik and Neil at Lyths Arts Centre, March 2020

Walk the Oars was part of The Fringe 2019 at The Scottish Storytelling Centre and after the show we were contacted by Lyths Arts Centre if we were interested in a week asylum where we could work on new material.

We went there March 2020 just before the lockdown. “Lyth Arts Centre (LAC) is the UK’s most northerly mainland arts centre in the heart of Caithness, Scotland.” It is a special place in the middle of nowhere where artists from all over UK can come, stay for a week and show some of their work to the local community.

We had a wonderful time – from Monday to Friday we were working on our new performance Wolves Within, Saturday afternoon we did a workshop with music and storytelling and Saturday evening the centre were full of people enjoying a Viking dinner and the performance Walk the Oars.

Part of the performance is that Svend is walking the oars and we had some doubts if it could work with me running up the stairs. the audience accepted this very easily and we did a great show with a very lively and happy audience.

Your visit to Lyth Arts with Neil was a great success and it was good to meet you both.  We all enjoyed the lively workshop and got a lot of ideas about story telling and using music and sound. As I’m sure you could tell from audience reaction, the evening performance went really well and Walking the Oars was much appreciated.  I’m so glad you found the residency to be really productive. Other performers have told me how beneficial it is to have  some uninterrupted time in a quiet and beautiful place to develop ideas and create new work. Have you got a new show for next year’s Fringe I wonder – and will you bring it to Lyth!


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