Svend and Neil

“The workshop with Neil and Svend was a bit of a revelation. They are so warm and encouraging, and have such insight in their relevant fields, that despite our varied backgrounds everyone ended up performing a wee story with music…

Personally, it gave me the confidence and initial tools to start adding sounds and music to my own storytelling.”

Linda Perttula

Musical Stories: Online Masterclasses

A series of 4 online masterclasses (via ZOOM)

(Starting Thursday 25th June 2020)

Over the course of four workshops Svend and Neil will explore the synthesis of storytelling and music. Drawing from our experience working together and in the storytelling and music industries, we will share what we have learnt of the power of collaboration between artists. Music brings another dimension to your stories: it can create vivid characters, powerful emotional atmospheres, and add a sense of joy and fun to a performance.

These masterclasses are open to both storytellers and musicians, and we hope to inspire you to seek out new artistic relationships. By the end of the masterclasses you will feel comfortable using music in your stories and collaborating with another performer.

Spaces Available: 2 remaining (6 participants maximum)

Cost: £80 to cover all 4 masterclasses

Dates: Thursday 25th June, Thursday 2nd July, Thursday 9th July, and final masterclass on Thursday 16th July

The masterclasses will be from 10am-11:30am (UK time) on each of the days above.

To book a place, use the button below to pay via Paypal, and please send us an email at letting us know:

  • your name, and where you’re from
  • your experience with storytelling or music, particularly in regards to collaboration
  • any questions you have about the masterclasses
More about MUSICAL STORIES online!
An example of combining storytelling and music, working over Zoom during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Working with Storytelling and Music

Note: Due to the current Covid-19 measures, all workshops and events will be conducted ONLINE. When possible we will resume live events.

Svend leading a workshop

If you are interested in any of the workshops listed here, please get in touch through the details below.

We are very flexible and can adapt workshops according to context and situation.


tel: +44 (zero)7577 001 008

2. Stories in Schools

Both Svend and Neil have lots of experience working with children, from Primary to Secondary school ages. We introduce them to stories, music and songs from around the world. We’ll talk about why Scottish folktales are relevant today, and how Norse mythology and the vikings influenced out culture.

If you have a particular topic or project that you’re working on with a class, let us know and we can create storytelling and musical workshop around the subject.

We can offer several different workshops on storytelling and music, catering to all abilities.

1. Musical Stories Workshops

Whether you are a storyteller who wants to work with music, or a musician interested in storytelling, this is the workshop for you! Drawing on their combined experience working in the storytelling and music scenes, Svend and Neil will take you through ways to add a new depth to your performance through collaborative practice.

This workshop can be adapted for all abilities and levels of experience.

Neil working with schoolchildren from Oakgrove Primary School

Contact Us


tel. +44 (zero)7577 001 008

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