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At the moment we have two main shows, Walk the Oars and Wolves Within.

See below to find out more!

Comments on our shows:

Lorna Shields : 

Really one of the best things I’ve seen at the fringe this year! As I said to my friend… ‘ I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t know it was going to be this good‘ …. blown away – like the wiking ship, and those billowing sails!”

Anne Hunter:

“I loved loved ‘Walk the Oars’ such an evocative and beautifully paced hour on the sea in a Viking ship and I’m still feeling the exhilaration of walking the oars!”

Imogen Grove:

“The partnership of these performers and the meeting of two cultures reflects their tales with poetic perfection. ”

Wolves Within

Our most recent show, Wolves Within, explores wolves and their place in folktales, music and social culture. For this show we have brought together stories and music from Scotland, Russia, Transylvania and England to show what wolves have meant to people across the world.

Come and delve deep into the psyche of wolves, and perhaps further into your own feelings. As the famous American Indian story goes, we all have two wolves inside us, the Good Wolf and the Bad Wolf. But which shall win? Whichever we feed.

A show about arrogance, hunger, and darkness, but also of love, courage, wisdom and friendship.

Above: Some images that inspired our show.

Walk the Oars

Danish Storyteller Svend-Erik Engh and Scottish Musician Neil Sutcliffe tell a story inspired by the Viking’s arrival in Scotland, with traditional Nordic tales and Gaelic and Scots songs woven into the narrative.

You are invited onboard a Viking Longship sailing from Jutland in Denmark to Shetland in Scotland. A young man sets off to finish his fathers work: to build a causeway out to Law Ting Holm and share his culture with the Shetlanders.

This is a show that celebrates and explores the influence the vikings had on Scottish culture and history, through story and music. Hold your oars steady as the Viking Storyteller walks upon them to celebrate a victory!

4 star review in “Walk the Oars is a treasure, an ancient oasis of delight in the sea of the modern world. The whole thing is engaging and exciting, and rekindles a semi-lost fire of storytelling.” Imogen Rowe,

Svend “walking the oars” at a performance

Artwork from a poster from our most recent performance at the Lyth Arts Centre

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