Svend-Erik Engh

Svend-Erik became a storyteller in 1994. Since then he has tried to find methods to expand the use of storytelling. He have told stories in classrooms for children, for business people at The Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C. and the last three years he lived in Denmark he told stories to mentally disabled people. He found the exploration of the use of storytelling equally interesting whether the audience was a group of leaders or the group of non communicative patients.

Svend-Erik Engh was the founder of the danish/swedish storyteller group The Storytelling Academy. In 2003-2006 they toured the southern part of Sweden with a special form of storytelling, where the children are unprepared for the visit in the classroom, they organized ”Stories under the Tree”, storytelling under the branches of trees in parks and other places where people could sit and enjoy the spectacular view and listen to stories told by some of the best storytellers from Denmark and Sweden. Always searching for new ways of bringing stories to the public.

Svend-Erik moved to Scotland in 2017. he has created the performance GIANTS together with partner Alice Fernbank, where they explore the world seen from a GIANT perspective. Every summer he organises Stories under The Tree under the branches of a sycamore tree next to the Prince Albert Victor Sundial in the Edinburgh Meadows.

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